Brisbane based Sculptor and sound artist, Gabe Parker, works primarily in steel and draws a connection between the rawness and physicality of the medium, natural world and the other. He is particularly interested in making work that is abstract and draws attention to naturally random composition and a sense of power. Using this a framework he creates work that only references itself as an original creation while maintaining a sense of place familiar with the natural environment. He likes working in steel because of its difficult nature as a medium. Once a piece is finished its important that the work has presence that is delicate and kinetic. This is a strong contrast to the tradition of which the steel is worked. Living close to the ocean and wetlands, Parker is inspired by the natural surroundings of Moreton Bay and shares his perspective on our fragile environment and our place within it. As a practising artist for over 30 years, he draws on a wide range of cultural content and actively documents these experiences with photographs and audio field recordings, while travelling through Australia and non-western countries including India, Cambodia, and Laos.

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