I was born in December 1940, as the sixth child to a family of 8 in the Village Opferbaum in northern Bavaria, Germany. I was always interested in drawing and painting. At age 15, I started a cabinet maker Apprenticeship and worked on the Autobahn on a Bridge 100meters above the ground in the Spessard. Here I experienced the meaning of “Freedom”, souring up there with the Eagles! At 20 I enrolled in a Private Art school in Frankfurt Under under “Carlo Ruppert” at the “Kunstschule Westend in Frankfurt. To support my studies, I worked at the Opera house in Frankfurt changing Sceneries during performances. In October 1962 I travelled to Berlin and worked for 6 months at the Berlin opera assisting painting large Back drops and redesigning stage mechanism. In 1963 I hitch hiked to Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Turkey to visit places of ancient Art history. At a Youth hostel in Athens I met Americans who travelled from Asia trough India and the middle East to Greece ,and I said to myself ,”If thy can to it ,so can I” ..And my desire to hitch hike around the world was born. I travelled around 40 Countries and I I arrived in May 1967 via Timor in Darwin and now 40 years later I am still here. I never made it around the world, but why would you go on further when you have arrived in Paradice!! As I am now Retired, I am again souring with the Eagles and back in full swing making Picture and sculptures in many Mediums and Materials.

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