Peter discovered the beauty of wood in his teenage years, mesmerised by the translucent colours, textures and the lines in the grain as the thin shavings curled from his plane. 25 years ago, Peter started wood turning, however after several years, he tired of the restrictive nature of the lathe and its circular forms. Peter is a self-taught wood sculptor and over the years his work has gradually changed to the point where he hardly ever uses a lathe and in 2010 entered a piece in the Ekka sculpture competition where he was astounded to win Champion Sculpture. Part of that prize was a membership to SQ. Joining SQ opened up a whole new world for him, including a wonderful camaraderie among the members and the sharing of ideas. Peter now mostly sculpts free form, using all manner of tools, enjoying the creative challenge of using the lines of the grain inherent in the natural beauty of the wood to enhance and transform each piece into a unique creation, while at the same time elevating the viewer’s experience by the sensation imbued by the wood when touched. Working as a physiotherapist, Peter developed a unique appreciation of the human form and movement, which he now applies to his contemporary pieces; juggling the balance between the sensitivity of the grain and that of the form of his sculptures, capturing both emotion and movement in each of his sculptures. His sculptures are greatly influenced by the human form and his experiences of swimming, sailing and fishing in the pristine waters of the Whitsunday Islands.

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