Winners are Grinners Outdoor


Since the inception of financial markets, the overall trend has been and continues to be upwards, a "BULL" market has prevailed and excluding a number of horrifying corrections, it would seem to be that if one bought something, anytime in the past, well... "WINNERS ARE GRINNERS"
Dimensions: 230cm H x 30cmW x 120cm L
Medium: Wire and Wood
Location: outdoor
Russell Solomon
Russell Lance Solomon was born into an artistic family, most notably his Grandfather, Lance Solomon. Under his tutelage Solomon followed his passion and honed his drawing skills. After a life of drawing he discovered Wire as a three dimensional line creating his first wire Sculpture in 1989. Using wire as a medium for expression, for drawing, offered Solomon a new level of tangibility and engagement to his art. In his late twenties he pursued a fulltime career as an artist, exhibiting extensively, creating prolifically, exploring the possibilities of the medium. Solomon has been awarded multiple commissions and won awards continuously for two decades. In SWELL 2021 he received the Emerging Artists Award in collaboration with his life partner. His work is represented in private and corporate collections worldwide.