Unfinished Business – Claudje Lecompte


Unfinished Business is the story of a patchy and corrosive relationship between the artist and her mother. Towards the end of her mother's life, much has been left unspoken...hanging, suspended, perhaps for ever.
Dimensions: 70cm x 20cm x 20cm
Medium: Metalic mixed media
Location: indoor

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Claudje Lecompte Bio Image
Claudje Lecompte
Claudje has long been involved in the arts and a member of Sculptors Qld for almost a decade. Since graduating from 7 Hills College of Art in 1980, Claudje has been a secondary school art teacher, special needs educator and advisor, Guidance Counsellor and Art Psychotherapist. Since switching life direction, Claudje has devoted herself to land regeneration for wildlife and making things from a variety of materials including clay and found objects.