Two Sides


My sculptural practice involves working with recycled timbers and how the application of fire on this material transforms the form and texture of the piece. I have been drawn to the legend of Ned Kelly and it enables me to use this medium to share my artistic inspiration and expression.
Dimensions: 110cm H x 20cm W x 40cm L
Medium: Burnt Timber
Location: indoor
This is an image of Craig Fynmore one of the entrants for the Brisbane Sculpture festival 2023
Craig Fynmore
I have been involved in the arts for over 14years and am self taught in my sculptural practice and have completed a variety of art courses at the BIA. (Painting, drawing, printing, ceramics and sculpting) I have been engaged with the Sculptors Qld running and facilitating the Life Drawing class one night a week over that time. I been involved in many and varied Art Exhibitions with the BIA, Sculptors society, BGS art Show and WAG gallery and Manyung gallery in Victoria. It is a pleasure to engage and create with life drawing, landscape painting and my sculptural practice of sculpting recycled timber figures and then burning them and share them with you, the art appreciating public.