Turkish Delight


It was Graham's quest to explore the bigger picture of the history of human civilization that led him to ancient times and into other dimensions altogether. Turkish Delight explores the theme of shell and woman, the mystery of evolution.
Dimensions: 750mm H x 210mm W x250mm L
Medium: Moonstone and Turkish marble
Location: indoor
Graham Radcliffe Profile
Graham Radcliffe (1934-2022)
Graham Radcliffe (1934-2022) a highly acclaimed sculptor, was born in Brisbane in 1934 and sculpted professionally for almost 30 years. Living in Italy for over 6 years he was able to source a range of unusual marble and onyx. His distinctive style blends his vision with these exotic stones. During his career he and his wife Margit, created the Phoenix Sculpture Garden and Art Gallery at Mt Glorious, still open today., where "Stone and Spirit Speak". Grahams' work is highly sought after by collectors of fine art.