"Chrysalis" is a suspended sculpture that symbolizes transformation through form, color, and texture. It hangs delicately, suggesting movement, while its changing hues reflect the journey from cocooned to vibrant emergence. Through tactile textures, it invites viewers to contemplate growth and change, highlighting the beauty in transformation.
Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm x 60cm
Location: outdoor

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Jan Brown Bio Image
Jan Brown
Jan Brown My art practice shifted many years ago from ceramics to metal. The process of hand coiling clay is no different to how I use copper wire today. It slows down the making and keeps me focused on the form. Very few tools are required and metal has given me the freedom of being able to work in all different environments. I use copper wire as a medium and it feels like a strong link back to my grandmothers passion of woven yarn. The soft cotton flowing through her fingers and becoming entwined and the length of yarn going on forever. My work is handmade from a single strand of copper wire and most pieces have anywhere from 200 to 300 metres of wire in each form.