She sits peacefully in deep thought draped in her red robe.
Dimensions: 20cm H x 15cmW x 18 cm L
Medium: Glazed Ceramic
Location: indoor

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Raeann Shields
Now retired from a fulfilling career as a Paediatric physiotherapist I have turned my attention to the equally creative field of clay. I so enjoy discovering opportunities for expression that this medium allows. Despite being visually impaired I love to find stylised ways of creating. My aim is to engender as much movement and emotion in each piece: and a dynamic, flowing rhythm that can be imagined and felt within. There is also a quirkiness that I find interesting and unique that clay does allow. I am exploring different textures, glaze and mediums including bronze and enjoy the challenges that this brings. I am frequently asked more specifically about my vision and what I can actually see and while I wish my art to be judged on its merit I can understand the interest and query. I have peripheral vision but no central vision, similar to a person with aged related, end stage macular degeneration. Peripheral vision is not sharp or focused. This means I cannot drive, read, write, find my way to places without technological assistance etc, I generally use a white cane so that I might not run into people. I find small details like hands, feet and faces particularly frustrating. I do, however rely on my background as a physiotherapist and feel/know that muscles/movement should flow . I try to over/under emphasize aspects of my pieces deliberately to enhance the dynamic nature of the piece.