The Surfer – Gabriele Trabucco


This is a whimsical piece of a bird form balancing on an undulating network of bent steel rods. The bird form and wave structure is fixed on a stable steel base which allowing a gentle sway in the wind.
Dimensions: 200cm x 100cm x 100cm
Medium: Steel rods with core 10 infils
Location: outdoor

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Gabriele Trabucco - Profile Pic
Gabriele Trabucco
For the past 12 years, Gabriele has been living and working on his100 acre property in Girraween granite country on the Southern Downs Region, 20 Ks past Stanthorpe. The landscape, with its characteristic granite formations is a powerful and constant inspiration.His work as a sculptor encompasses a variety of materials; stone, wood, steel, clay. He creates sculptures that are usually semi abstract, subtly suggestive through essential form. Gabriele walks daily amongst the weathered granite forms for spiritual sustenance. For his work he also collects the numerous compelling half burnt timber trunks, the aftermath of the relatively frequent bush fires in the Granite Belt. Gabriele's sculpture is displayed on his property in the TRABARTS gallery, a sculpture garden featuring smaller pieces and a sculpture trail winding through 8 acres where the works are juxtaposed with natural granite forms shaped by flowing water over millennia. He refers to his work in the trail as 'SCULPTURE IN NATURE'. The ambiguity is deliberate, suggesting collaboration of the crafted works with the awesome products of nature. Public sculpture is also of great interest to Gabriele. He enjoys the difficult challenge of creating works which are significant on a number of levels; socially, culturally and aesthetically and its potential to enrich community and individual experience. He has completed commissions both in the Granite Belt and Brisbane.