The Paint Horse – Margaret Shaw


When I made this form, I intended it to become a mosaic, which meant it had to have a cement skin as a base for the pieces. I started to cover it with all my leftover adhesive and the multi coloured skin which I liked became an end in itself.
Dimensions: 45cm x 18cm x 54cm
Medium: Steel armature, scrap polystyrene and spray foam with tinted cement adhesive
Location: indoor

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Margaret Shaw
For me, mosaic and sculpture speak of permanence, colour, durability, endless variety, unlimited scope, surprise, reinvention and, occasionally even enlightenment. I strive to create artwork that displays the varied colours, differing textures, deceptive lustres and infinite variety that exists with cement, ceramic pieces, glass, metal and the earth’s stones. My images mostly come from the natural world, but I also enjoy the absorption of an abstraction, where colour, form and line can be an end in themselves. Within mosaic, the term is andamento; the visual flow and direction within a mosaic which is dictated by the placement of the pieces or tesserae. Sculpture too has flow; to create and augment the form and the idea. I create pieces that invite/require the viewer to explore not only the subject but also the structure and materials; to see these pieces in a new light and to give the material a different worth by its appearance in my art. Mosaic and sculpture is endlessly flexible and in encouraging the combination of different techniques and materials gives the viewer, and the maker, the opportunity to realize a different perspective.