The Golden Rifle Bird


Three little cups and saucers with a striking gold and black pattern are the basis for this mythical bird. The abstraction was necessary to accommodate the small radius of the pieces while expressing the dynamic mating dance of the male bird. Rifle Bird wings are used to great effect.
Dimensions: 30cm H x 20cm W x 4cm L
Medium: Vintage china, slate and glass on a weather proof substrate
Location: indoor
Margaret Shaw
The artist is a skilled mosaic artist and sculptor who is dedicated to their craft. Their artwork is a reflection of their deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of colors, textures, and patterns that can be achieved through the use of ceramics, glass, metals, and stones from the earth. Their inspiration is drawn from nature and the world around them, which is reflected in their pieces. They are not limited by the traditional boundaries of mosaic art and sculpture and are also comfortable experimenting with abstraction, where color, form, and line are given equal importance. Their understanding of the concept of andamento in mosaic art is evident in the visual flow and direction of their pieces, which is dictated by the placement of tessera or mosaic pieces. They invite viewers to explore not only the subject matter but also the structure and materials used in their art, which adds another layer of meaning to their creations. The artist is highly creative and continually seeks to push the boundaries of mosaic art by exploring new techniques and materials. They believe that mosaic art is endlessly flexible, and they strive to realize a different perspective in their work by combining various techniques and materials. The artist's dedication to their art is evident in the intricate details and visual beauty of their creations. Their pieces are a testament to their skill and dedication to their craft, and their work inspires and captivates viewers.