The Dinner Party – Remembering Bill Gale


Dimensions: 45cm H x 28cm W x 30cm L
Medium: Apoxie, Steel and Wood
Location: indoor
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Bill Gale
Bill Gale (1932-2023)
After a long and dynamic career as a Civil Engineer, Bill Gale studied Art at Brisbane TAFE in 2008/09. His special interest was Surrealism, especially Miro and Dali. His quirky sculptures reflected his full hearted/slightly amused philosophy of life and how he wished to ‘sculpt’ those things in a variety of media. He was not constrained by ideas of what a sculpture should look like! Bill was an avid antique collector and dealer, and had a ready source of found objects to combine with easy competence and creativity. He believed he could make anything with any material he decided would express the meaning. He combined carved timber or cast bronze forms with found objects to ‘speak’ his concept. He brought special quality to his every task.