The Bay


This arrangement explores my direct interpretation of a physical presence which ranges from the wetlands and into Moreton Bay itself. It was Intended as a purely abstracted form, However, during the process of creating the work, the steel shapes, forms and final colour arranged itself through me.
Dimensions: 240cm H x 100cm W x 100cm L
Medium: Repurposed Steel Pipe, Micaceous Iron Oxide Paint.
Location: outdoor

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A picture of Gabe Parker, one of the entrants in the Brisbane Sculpture Festival 2023
Gabe Parker
Brisbane based artist and musician, Gabe Parker, works primarily in steel and draws a connection between the rawness and physicality of the medium and natural world. Living close to the ocean and wetlands, Parker is inspired by the natural surroundings of Moreton Bay and shares his perspective on our fragile environment and our place within it. Parker is an active member of the music and arts community. He mentors and tudors sculpture at the Brisbane Institute of Art and collaborates and exhibits in group shows and exhibitions across Australia. Parker’s sculptural work can be seen at