Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Curious and very intelligent, Suphur-crested cockatoos announce their pressence with the roucous call and dance to musci with some unique moves. On the ground they are very vulnerable to attack so whenever a flock is on the ground there is at least one high up in a tree keeping guard.
Dimensions: 45cm H x 30cm W x 60cm L
Medium: Cardboard and Wire
Location: indoor
Ros Haydon
Ros Haydon
Ros Haydon, a life member of Sculptors Queensland, has won several awards including the small wood sculpture at the RNA in 2012. She has created and explored in many mediums including hebel, wood, marble, stone, ceramics, bronze, plastic, paper, wire and cardboard. Ros has worked as Sculptor in Residence at St Margaret's Girls College during 2014 - 2023. She has also worked on community projects such as the large Mosaic installation at the BIA and has conducted workshops. Many of her works are in private collections. Using different materials, expressing culture and inspiring a love of sculpture underpins her works.