“Shark”, Kinetic indoor piece that moves when touched on the tail. The steel structure encapsulates both visual movement through the spring shaped shark body and kinetic movement though the vibrational nature of the spring. At its core “Shark” is about the vibration of movement as a function of feedback for the neurodivergent population. “Please touch this piece and feel the vibration in the stone.
Dimensions: 25cm H x 25cm W x 40cm L
Medium: Steel and Wood
Location: indoor


Sharon Le Mesurier_Profile
Sharon Le Mesurier
Sharon is inspired by connection to country. A multimedia artist who produces sculptural pieces that incorporate fundamental aspects of the medium to display the correlation between place and time with the use of metal, wood, colour, light, open space and movement. The core theme is interpreting the natural world while bring to light how humans represent nature through art. One of Sharon’s latest works include an indoor kinetic piece inspired by her time working as an exercise physiologist in the field of special needs clients who enjoy auditory, kinetic and visual stimulus. “Shark” vibrates through time and traverses the spatial boundaries of kinetic sculpture as part of therapeutic intervention.