Rijulot – Julia Rose


Imagine RiJulot set in a garden, wild rambling flowers cascading from her crown and growing through her gown. The Sculpture is composed from over 2500 metres of hand woven wire. Her face crudely carved, Burnt details add earthy qualities, a faceless form. A everchanging gown of fresh flowers or herbs.
Dimensions: 220cm x 100cm x 100cm
Medium: Mixed medium - Wire + Wood
Location: outdoor

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Julia Rose Bio Image
Julia Rose
Julia Rose is the epitome of artistry and glamour when it comes to floral couture. She has built her reputation on her jaw-dropping design and dedication to perfection. Julia Rose has been commissioned to sprinkle her magic on runways, fashion shoots and media campaigns. Multitudes of clients have entrusted her to leave lasting impressions with her stylish impeccable eye for design. Cities commission Julia to create large interactive and immersive art pieces, she has been consistently impressive in Australia and the USA.