As humans, individually and collectively we are inseparable from the natural world. Ofttimes forgotten, this is powerfully remembered when we find ourselves in nature – the ocean, the beach or the bush and free our thoughts to feel the connection. ‘Nexus’ in particular evokes that feeling of returning we experience as we wade back into the ocean and feel its pull.
Dimensions: 78cm H x 31cm W x 34cm D
Medium: Cast bronze with Florentine brown patina.
Location: indoor
Cameron Crossley Profile
Cameron Crossley
Cam Crossley is a sculptor and architect living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland working in clay, steel and bronze: “One of the many things I love about sculpture is the sense of frozen moment - the stillness that allows us to physically circumnavigate a composition. It allows us to better appreciate what would otherwise be a fleeting sense of grace.” For Cam, bronze sculpture is so much more than manipulated form and surface. The bronze itself evokes a sense of our history, retelling from memory the stories which define us. It also permits Cam to simultaneously pursue two passions: bronze - as an exquisite material and process, and the human figure - the vehicle, measure and expression of us, and the physical and emotional relationships we have with each other and with our environment. Cam works to make art that has meaning and resonance, but what artists pursue through their art and what that work communicates, cannot be expressed in a few words. His sculptures find their own voice, guided by hand through the clay, the bronze and fire.