Nestled – Guy Breay


Carving a salvaged Budgeroo root burl that already has movement reveals the bird like form of 2 nestled birds. Retaining natural edge sapwood provides a contrast in colour and texture to the polished wood.
Dimensions: 30cm x 29cm x 30cm
Medium: Salvaged Budgeroo wood
Location: indoor

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Guy Breay Bio Image
Guy Breay
From Guy Breay’s sustainably managed forest at his property, The Stiks, he selects salvaged timber for carving. He is attracted to the texture of old gnarled and twisted wood, especially tree stumps and dead branches that already have interesting shapes and movement. Guy’s carving styles constantly evolve and reflect the life experiences, imagination and inspiration that he gets from the natural beauty of wood. He endeavours to enhance his creations with movement, use of lines, negative spaces and contrasting colours and textures.