It was a pleasure to work with my Nephew and Profecional Artist on his visit to me form Germany, this piece was created during that time.
Dimensions: 95cm H x 75cmW x 40 cm L
Medium: Wood Carving
Location: indoor
Hermann Schraut
I was born in December 1940, as the sixth child to a family of 8 in the Village Opferbaum in northern Bavaria, Germany. I was always interested in drawing and painting. At age 15, I started a cabinet maker Apprenticeship At 20 I enrolled in a Private Art school in Frankfurt Under under “Carlo Ruppert” at the “Kunstschule Westend in Frankfurt. To support my studies, I worked at the Opera house in Frankfurt changing Sceneries during performances. In October 1962 worked in Berlin at the Berlin opera assisting painting large Back drops and redesigning stage mechanism. In 1963 I hitch hiked to Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Turkey to visit places of ancient Art history. My desire to hitch hike around the world was born. I travelled around 40 Countries and I arrived in May 1967 via Timor in Darwin and now 45 years later I am still here. I never made it around the world, but why would you go on further when you have arrived in Paradice!! As I am now Retired,I create Sculptures and other Art in many Mediums and Materials.