Loving My Lace


Even strong women love lace! Lace covers to hide beauty, to enhance beauty and to feel beautiful.
Dimensions: 83cm H x 43cm W x 25cm L
Medium: Fired Clay and Polymers.
Location: indoor
Janna Pameijer
Janna particularly enjoys working with clay. Her beautifully composed forms encompass a wide range of subject matter and styles. Janna enjoys exploring the versatility of clay, a medium ...” that can express my deep thoughts or musings. Since my kiln is reasonably large, it allows me to create larger clay works which means I can be more involved with the material, understanding its limits and potential. The surfaces can be so much more descriptive. It is important to me how a form sits in space, its influence on my spirit, its edges and their relationship within the form”. Janna works have also been produced in steel, bronze, aluminium. Works include public art sculptures in NSW and Maleny Qld. Janna has been sculpting since 1979 and is a member of the Sculptors Qld, Arts Connect Inc and life member of the Qld Wildlife Artists Society.