Love Dreaming Itself – Suzanne Staal


A playful enquiry into the nature of reality: Are we separate beings adrift in an indifferent universe or are we part of a vast tapestry of existence woven together by the threads of love and consciousness?
Dimensions: 30cm x 18cm x 25cm
Medium: Ceramic and acrylic paint
Location: indoor

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Suzanne-Staal Bio Image
Suzanne Staal
Our rich reservoir of gestural utterances makes the human form a fascinating and expressive vehicle for a vast range of emotions and ideas which I have been interested in exploring in my sculptural work. The strength of bronze expands the gestural possibilities of the sculptural piece and the process itself allows for an infinite range of textures and colours which I have yet to fully investigate. Its toughness, versatility, ability to imprint the finest detail to the point of fragility and refinement remain for me a poetic metaphor for the human condition. Combining different mediums and art styles to expand the possibilities for communication and expression is a current area of exploration.