Lapis in ventre fame (Stone in the belly of hunger) – Sharon Le Mesurier


The glimmer of sustainable ideas and hope are within little fish, this notion thrives in an ever-changing world, where challenges and subsequent decisions can change direction of individuals, community and landscapes. Little fish can make change in the world for the better, so they swim on with purpose.
Dimensions: 1800cm x 2500cm x 5000cm
Medium: steel, paint and stone
Location: outdoor


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Sharon Le Mesurier
Sharon is an artist whose journey through the realms of creativity is a testament to boundless exploration and expression. From her early years crafting multidisciplinary installations to her recent works in large-scale outdoor pieces, Sharon’s artistic trajectory spans a diverse array of mediums and techniques. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for natural concepts, Sharon’s creations resonate with a deep understanding of place, identity, and the human experience within the context of the natural world. Through her artistry, Sharon invites viewers to embark on a journey of introspection, inviting them to ponder the profound connections that unite us all in the tapestry of existence.