Lady Wearing an Iron Hat


Artist feels the title says it all.
Dimensions: 45cmH x 30cmW x 30cm L
Medium: Polyester, Iron and Fibreglass
Location: indoor

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This is an image of Jan William one of the entrants for the Brisbane Sculpture festival 2023
Jan Williams
I worked as a sculptor/technician in the Qld museum’s Exhibition Construction workshops 1985 to 2015. We worked a lot with polyester fibreglass in such projects as dioramas and zoological specimens especially, and l began using that very versatile medium in my own sculpture as well. Most of my work is figurative. Starting with the robust Paleolithic figures, l've continued with these figurative forms in a series of a 'Language of large ladies' Politically incorrect maybe, l attempt to make them aesthetically desirable, stylish as well as being expressive of power. They are not simply an interplay of formal shapes, but also create their own individual characters as suggested in their titles.