In Bloom – Tim Percy


"In Bloom" is a captivating sculpture featuring a flower crafted from steel wire and sewn linen fabric. The interplay between the delicate linen and the transient nature of flowers evokes the fragility of beauty. Finished with rust paint, it symbolises the natural cycle of decay, mirroring a flower's fleeting life.
Dimensions: 60cm x 70cm x 65cm
Medium: Anodised Steel Wire, Linen fabric, Paint
Location: indoor

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Tim Percy
Based in Brisbane, Tim Percy began his art education with a degree in Interior Design from RMIT in Melbourne in 2010. Tim draws heavily on his extensive background as a Design Strategist in Architecture and User Experience. This experience together with research into multi-modal environments shaped his approach to creating mixed media sculptures and site-specific installations that bridge the gap between digital and physical spaces. Tim's work is deeply influenced by his understanding of architectural dynamics and user interaction within built environments. His installations are not just art pieces; they are comprehensive environments that engage with and question the architectural qualities of their settings. By integrating digital activations such as projections and sound, Tim invites viewers to experience a seamless blend of art and architecture that challenges and expands their interaction with space. As an emerging artist with a fresh perspective on the interplay between digital interactions and physical spaces, Tim Percy is passionate about crafting immersive experiences that challenge perceptions and encourage viewers to engage with the built environment in new ways.