History Revealed – Kevin Dekker


This sculpture reflects the age-old Australian indigenous art symbolised in the stainless steel. Modern society has covered this with the Corten steel plate, hiding it from the world, and then the eventual tearing open of the steel plate to reveal the past and the truth. "History Revealed!"
Dimensions: 60cm x 87cm x 47cm
Medium: Stone, Steel, Stainless Steel
Location: outdoor

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Kevin Dekker Bio Image
Kevin Dekker
Born in Chicago, sculpture has been my artistic passion since 1972. As I journeyed through life, exploring the different types of materials, I grew to love three materials the most. My first love is metal. I have worked in metals since 1973 and artistically since the early 90’s, when I moved to Australia. Now stone has caught my fancy as well. Combining these into thought provoking projects is both fun and challenging at the same time! I believe that metal and stone sculpting is a hand crafted art form, not a hobby. No laser cutting here. Faults, defects and blemishes are part of the “human” that goes into making it. It reflects the artist themself. I now reside along the coast of Bundaberg.