Hinge and Baby Bracket


What else can you do with a box of old kitchen cupboard hinges but make a kangaroo.
Dimensions: 33cm H x 18cmW x 25cm L
Medium: Recycled Materials
Location: indoor

Availability: Sold

William Britton_Profile
William Briton
W.R. [Bob] BRITON, aka Bobnotsuperman [Bns]. I started painting and drawing as a young child, selling my first work at the age of eleven. In my twenties I moved to the Southern Flinders Rangers [S.A.] and had my own gallery and studio there for many years. In 2010 I retired from work and moved to Nth Queensland to live and pursue life as an Artist, I started to sculpture in clay and move on to larger pieces in concrete and have two sculptures on the Art Tail in Ingham. Now moved to Brisbane to live and slowed down a bit, still painting and sculpturing though on a smaller scale.