Harmony in Distortion #1 – Rae Saheli


Harmony in Distortion Rae Saheli delves into the intricate realm of twisted, perforated aluminium created by the artist distinctive technique. Harmony in Distortion is a tale of tension and release, of structured chaos, and an exploration of the sculptural potential in the malleability of aluminium.
Medium: 12 gauge shots fired at aluminium
Location: indoor

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Rae Saheli
Rae Saheli is an artist living and working on Bundjalung Country. A long time resident of Queensland’s Gold Coast. No longer interested in the application of paint to render the world in expressive or colourful ways, Rae’s work is unique in that her primary mark making tool is a 12-gauge shot gun. Drawing on over twenty years’ experience as a clay target shooter her process favours chance and chaos, over any sense of pictorial order. Rae’s work has been featured on ABC ‘What’s Your Story’, SWELL Sculpture Festival, Industrial SWELL, Gallery Downtown annexe of Tweed Regional Art Gallery, Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery, Woolloongabba Art Gallery. Rae has undertaken Artist in Residence programs at Placemakers (2023) and The Walls Art Space (2020)