Hand Of Poseidon – Ollie Hardt


Hand Of Poseidon
Dimensions: 46cm x 28cm x 89cm
Medium: timber
Location: indoor

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Ollie Hardt - Profile Pic
Ollie Hardt
Born in Germany into a creative family, Ollie has learnt from generations of woodworking passion. After migrating to Australia in 1983, Ollie now resides in Brisbane and has raised a family of his own, where he continues to refine his skills in carving and painting from his home studio. Ollie’s great passion for working with timber stems from the creative tactile and character created by the endless varieties of colour, grain and texture depending on the species. Since his beginnings in woodworking, Ollie has expanded his repertoire of skills to work with a variety of media including, water colour and airbrush paintings, Hebel carving and timber Sculptures. The biggest inspiration driving Ollie’s work is the abundance of beauty found in nature. His work often reflects his thoughts, feelings and curiosity towards nature, with particular interest in the ocean and the underwater world. His timber sculptures are often accented with colour and gold leafing, to showcase and amplify the inherent beauty of the timber.