Give A Little


When two different worlds come together, be they people or cultures, if they each agree to bend and twist ever so slightly, that little bit of ‘give’ will allow them both to become one, joining together in an endless flow of togetherness, gratitude, life and love. Expressed here as a MÖbius Strip, a sculptural form that has only one surface and only one edge, which loop around on themselves infinitely. Eternally. Individually hand-crafted in aluminium with a brushed or polished finish, making each one a truly unique piece.
Dimensions: LARGE: (approx)~ Heart: 300mm x 300mm x 50mm ~ Frame: 370mm x 370mm x 60mm SMALL: (approx) ~ Heart: 160mm x 160mm x 35mm ~ Frame: 265mm x 265mm x 60mm
Medium: Brushed or Polished Aluminium
Location: indoor
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The Artist Trebor
Life is an ongoing exploration of ’things’. After 50+ years of discovery and creation, I am now at THAT junction, on THAT road where design crosses paths with abstract expression, visual communication and surrealism. Out of the resulting chaos springs my art. Being multidisciplinary allows me the freedom to meander through myriad mediums. Scrutinising them, analysing them, learning about them and then applying them, to bring together things that have not been seen together before. The Artist Trebor (Rob) grew up just outside Wellington, NZ. As a boy, Trebor would draw and paint on anything and everything, much to his parent's dismay. Walls. Doors. Windows... even paper sometimes. Trebor studied VCD & Photography at Wellington Polytechnic, graduating in 1984. From there Trebor became an Art Director, working in some of the world’s biggest multinational ad agencies, creating many award-winning campaigns. For the past 20+ years he has been running The AD Man-Rob Stephenson, a design consultancy. Trebor is a truly creative thinker and has recently turned back to the ‘art-world’ creating in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Since early 2021, he has exhibited sculptures in SWELL Sculpture Festival, Sculptures On The Edge, Sculpture In The Vines, Ephemera - Seaside Sculptures, Australian Wareable Art Festival, The Ekka and many other exhibitions. During this period since 2021, he has also relaunched his career as an artist, creating many artworks, digital artworks and photographic images. Trebor draws inspiration from everywhere and creates interesting, witty, satirical and thought-provoking sculptures and artworks.