Fringe Dwellers 1,2,3 – Jennifer Long


A response to society's fragmentation and environmental disasters. Light and shadow hint at flame and smoke in a burnt landscape. Placement of forms evokes a dialogue between figures on the fringe, struggling against the ongoing forces of nature.
Dimensions: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm
Medium: etched rice paper and wax, cement, wood
Location: indoor

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This is an image of Jennifer Long one of the entrants for the Brisbane Sculpture festival 2023
Jennifer Long
Jennifer Long is an Australian artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. She has had 16 solo exhibitions to date and participated in group and selected exhibitions for 27 years, winning 16 awards. She gives workshops in mixed media and printmaking (the most recent being the McGregor Summer School Toowoomba and Firestation Print Studio, Melbourne) and is a Gallery Assistant at Impress Printmaker’s Studio & Gallery, Kedron. Her work is held in private and public collections in Australia and internationally. Long graduated with a BA from UQ in 1973, trained in painting, drawing, ceramics at Queensland College of Art in 1976/77 and later printmaking with Wim de Voss, Caroline Craig and Gwenn Tasker at the Brisbane Institute of Art from 2010-2016. She works in a variety of media from her Brisbane studio, continues to etch, paint in oils, acrylic, watercolour and constructs 3D assemblages in rice paper, wax, mixed media and collage. Memories, family history, collected objects and fragments from the landscape are raw materials and recurring motifs for her layered narratives. “Ingenious with materials and technique, her work is refreshingly fluid and assured…… ‘bringing’ clarity and mastery to line, texture and composition in the service of personal reverie.” - Carol Schwarzman 2016