Frilly – Colleen Lavender


I attempted my first Frilly about 15 years ago, it was a struggle with rusty materials and not a lot of skill. Since then I've dreamt of a redo, the look and feel of their very mobile frill and their beautifully textured skin, such charming and characteristic little Australians.
Dimensions: 35cm x 17cm x 43cm
Medium: Steel
Location: indoor

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Colleen Lavender
Colleen Lavender Colleen's journey through the sculptural world has been varied - large public works in Beaudesert, local Queensland commissions for collectors, international works and exhibitions throughout Australia. Her attitude towards her medium is often unorthodox and the result an exciting mixture of positive and negative spaces and a definite strength and bang for your buck. The plasma cutter and welder are utilised side by side and produce an exquisite combination of character and eccentricity.