Frida Fantasy – Judy Hamilton


Inspired by performers at a concert in St Michael's Chapel in Old Town Square, Prague
Dimensions: 40cm x 17cm x 30cm
Medium: Ceramic
Location: indoor

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Judy Hamilton Bio Image
Judy Hamilton
Judy Hamilton has been working with clay for a long time but continues to find ways to reinvent herself as a ceramic sculptor. Her favoured subjects are animals including Chooks, Guinea Fowl, cats, dogs, endangered animals (especially the Bilby), and horses. Her latest works are fantasy birds. She emerged onto Brisbane’s art world with her very popular signature “Chook Couples” through the Churchie Emerging Artist Exhibition. She seeks to express the essence of an animal in her sculptures. Her work is usually finished with coloured slips and oxides and is rarely glazed. Her latest work, however, has taken inspiration from Mexican pottery and Frida Kahlo and is exploring the wonderful world of glazes.