Florasphere – Suzy Syme & Andrew Costa


An ode to the Garden’s iconic Tropical Display Dome, Florasphere evokes the captivating juxtaposition of natural flora-growth encapsulated within rigorously geometric triangulated dome. Blurring the lines between architecture, art, and nature, the meticulous grid-shell geometry delicately unfurls into organic flora-inspired form; each cell algorithmically ‘grown’ to mimic foliose flora growth.
Dimensions: 110cm x 75cm x 75cm
Medium: 3D printed thermoplastic, cast concrete, plywood, epoxy
Location: outdoor

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Suzy Syme & Andrew Costa - Profile Pic
Suzy Syme & Andrew Costa
A fortuitous 2012 encounter between fine arts student Suzy Syme and architecture student Andrew Costa led to an inseparable union, fuelled by a love of nature, design, and discovery. Enticed by a profession that merges artistic creativity with the logic of complex problem-solving, Suzy joined the architectural path, and in 2022 the now husband and wife duo founded emerging firm Costa Syme Architects. The unification of art and architecture forged a new-found passion; harnessing the extraordinary potential of algorithmic modelling to conceive and ‘grow’ 3D printed sculptures inspired by natural wonders such as Australia’s stunning coral reefs. Captivated by the joys that nature-evoking art and design can bring, Suzy and Andrew founded Tide Pool Designs in 2023. Seeking to share their unique sculptural works with the aim of enriching the lives of others in kind, while provoking conversations on the importance of preserving the natural world.