Connected By Environments


This work mimics the colors and dynamics of the earth’s complete biosphere. It references us all, from the molten core to the land, plants and animals who dwell whithin the blue atmospherec orb. Symbolizing our total reliance and connectection neede for our survival.
Dimensions: 210cm H x 100cm W x 2400 cm L
Medium: Cor-Ten Steel, Paint
Location: indoor
A picture of Gabe Parker, one of the entrants in the Brisbane Sculpture Festival 2023
Gabe Parker
Brisbane based Sculptor, Gabe Parker, works primarily in steel. His work draws a connection between the rawness and physicality of the medium and the natural world. He is particularly interested in making work that is abstracted and draws attention to naturally random movements and sounds to give an unfiltered sense of life's power. The result is work that only references itself as a unique creation using conventional materials in an unconventional way and in doing so implores the viewer to openly interpret the shapes for themselves, as opposed to being told what it is. Creative decisions made during construction are drawn from a deep sense of place and reference to the natural environment of Moreton Bay where he resides on Turrbal land.