Bora Bora – Tracy Beadnell


Bora Bora is a bit of humour. (Bora worms) These lamps
Dimensions: 30cm x 50cm x 50cm
Medium: Ceramics and glass
Location: indoor

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Tracy Beadnell Bio Image
Tracy Beadnell
Forty-five is a ripe age to begin studying art, this decision has been one of the best choices I've made in my life. In 2013 I touched clay for the first time, I knew straight away I was in-love. Investigating, glazes, firing, types of clay different temperatures, techniques, special effects, wow so much to absorb, at Southbank Tafe QLD Brisbane. In 2016 I studied in the UK for one semester at Hertfordshire University, just outside of London. This changed my life. I was introduced to glass, and another love affair began. Combining ceramics and glass seemed a challenge. There was little evidence in the art world that ceramics and glass could be partnered in a kiln. Embarking these two materials together became my BA Honours investigation. Incorporating bush wood as a platform for the glass and ceramic sculptures to be mounted on I found myself back home in the hinterlands of Noosa. Investigating unique pieces of “bush wood”, from my hometown, “Pomona”, this was my childhood playground, my sense of place a spiritual place. This beautiful journey began with taking selected free standing pieces of wood back to the studio to sculpt and work on. I found different grubs and bora worms, this excited me. Such weird creatures of darkness, eating through darkness. Such soft delicate creatures with pincers of steel. My inspiration.