BELENA RINATA – Gaetano Guy Moschella

I love working with our beautiful Australian timbers, mainly our Queensland timbers. My speciality incorporating coloured resins in beautiful discarded dead gnarly bush timbers, visualizing the inner beauty of the wood grains and patterns and creating one of only pieces.
Dimensions: 150cm x 60cm x 140cm
Medium: Queensland Timber in the natural shape of a whales tail
Location: indoor
Gaetano Guy Moschella Bio Image
Gaetano Guy Moschella
In 2006 Gaetano purchased his first wood lathe and began attending workshops and taking private tuition and going to wood shows throughout Australia. Gaetano has always been drawn to wooden art. Growing up in Wallangarra Queensland, living and growing up on the family orchard he was always working with wood making fruit crates, tree houses and billie carts from a young age. On his travels around Australia, and overseas, he is always seeking out museums and local artists to watch, talk, learn new techniques and share woodwork knowledge. At home he enjoys working on the lathe, trying out new designs and experimenting with other techniques. His art is consuming and he loses sense of time as there is always a constant flow of ideas. He has developed techniques where beautifully figured Australian, Queensland timbers and coloured resins can be blended and cured with no bubbles and then machined into unique one off pieces. There is excitement felt during the hunt when coming across discarded dead bush timbers and being able to visualize the inner beauty of the wood grains and patterns and to bring new life to those pieces. Once it is machined, oiled or waxed it then becomes an object to be admired and brings a calming influence. He combines dexterity and skill with the eye of an artist to create new designs and variations, especially when seeing something that sparks his imagination.