Becoming – Kym Frame


This work aims to explore the alchemy of self, connection and isolation, of remembering and forgetting. It is inspired by women's singular and collective stories of becoming. My body is both vessel and agent, giving voice to others and finding my own.
Dimensions: 155cm x 68cm x 730cm
Medium: Handmade banana fibre paper, methyl cellulose, paper and cotton thread, beeswax, metal armature, led light.
Location: indoor

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Kym Frame Bio Image
Kym Frame
My name is Kym Frame, and I am a Brisbane based artist. I am currently exploring the possibilities of handmade paper and my arts practice is largely inspired by the stories and lived experiences of women, human connection and the environment. I have come to understand that honesty, vulnerability, stillness and light are all important aspects in my work. My intention is that both the paper and the form express the intricate blend of strength and fragility which is at our core. I believe that metal and stone sculpting is a hand crafted art form, not a hobby. No laser cutting here. Faults, defects and blemishes are part of the “human” that goes into making it. It reflects the artist themself. I now reside along the coast of Bundaberg.