This work is a cinematic piece with an angel in three stages of landing. The landed figure extends an inseminating rod to an agitated Mary.
Dimensions: 100cm H x 120cm W
Medium: Steel Rods
Location: indoor
gabri-7 (1)
Gabriele Trabucco
I have been living on 100 acres of ‘Girraween granite country’ Stanthorpe permanently for the past 8 years while maintaining a strong connection with Brisbane. I am very interested in the history of sculpture both classical and modern - its varied styles and forms. My work as a sculptor encompasses a variety of materials (stone, wood, steel,clay) depending on the contextual requirements. My greatest interest is in public sculpture with its potential to enrich community and individual experience. I believe strongly that public sculpture should be closely connected to its context and be rich in meaning – culturally, artistically and historically. It should inspire, challenge and educate. The role of the sculptor who creates a work for a public location is to use their professional experience to liase closely with the client and produce a work which satisfies the requirements of the brief in an interesting, highly creative manner. The final sculpture should be a genuine work of art, beyond gimmics, which will withstand the passage of time.