Amongst The Mob


Amongst the Mob dwells on our precious and intimate connection with our wildlife and consequently our environment.
Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm x 25cm
Medium: Glazed Ceramic
Location: indoor

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Claudje Lecompte
Claudje graduated from the Qld College of Art at 7 Hills in 1980 and has been creating for over 40 years. She is an art educator and Art Psychotherapist (MMH-AT from UQ) and works in many media, often mixing media to suit whatever new idea has inspired her.

Her inspiration comes from materials to hand, often found or recycled, as well as her environment, including the meanderings of her mind. Claudje describes her ceramic work as “naïve realism” where she attempts to create a likeness rather than a realistic representation to convey a narrative. Her work includes the purely decorative, the fanciful and the thoughtful. A large collaborative project to draw attention to the threats of extinction of Queensland’s wildlife is planned for 2024. Claudje exhibits regularly with Sculptors Queensland, with fellow Art Therapists and enjoys collaborating with others.