Tracy Beadnell

Tracy Beadnell grew up in Pomona in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Her talents were evident at an early age, painting backdrops for the Majestic Theatre and doing portraits. 1995 Tracy travelled around the world for six years, painting, castle watercolours for commissions and murals. In 2013 she studied at Southbank TAFE, discovering her ability to sculpt with clay. Completing a BA in Visual Arts, including six months at Hertfordshire University in the UK. Hertfordshire University is where Tracy fell in love with glass. UH taught Tracy how to cut float glass, use frit colours. Firing in a glass kiln to make the wings and other cold attachment to ceramic sculptures. Tracy travelled to China to do a project at Guangzhou University in 2017. Introducing glass back at Southbank campus in 2017, the students were delighted to use normal clay kilns to experiment with glass. This was a tricky but rewarding endeavour.

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