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Acoustic Allure

The Artist Trebor
The alluring sounds of the classical guitar have, for centuries, been heard to serenade and win the hearts of lovers and suiters, in countries and cul...
180cm H (adjustable) x 45cm W x 35cm L
Dressmakers Mannequin, Acoustic Guitar and a Vintage Hat-Stand


Coral Polyps by Frederick Beel


Dragonfly by Jan Williams


Elder – Craig Fynmore


Flippin’ Platypus Left by Janna Pameijer


Flippin’ Platypus Right by Janna Pameijer


Geometric – Craig Fynmore Sculptors



Give A Little

The Artist Trebor
When two different worlds come together, be they people or cultures, if they each agree to bend and twist ever so slightly, that little bit of ‘give’ ...
LARGE: (approx)~ Heart: 300mm x 300mm x 50mm ~ Frame: 370mm x 370mm x 60mm SMALL: (approx) ~ Heart: 160mm x 160mm x 35mm ~ Frame: 265mm x 265mm x 60mm
Brushed or Polished Aluminium


outdoor, indoor


The Artist Trebor
Ironically ‘WORDS’ is an anagram of ‘SWORD.’ History records an Assyrian Sage, Ahiqar, in 500BC coined a phrase in his early teachings, “The word ...
1200mm (w) x 200mm (d) x 1800mm (h)
Corian Stone, Aluminium, Brass, Wood and Paint


Ned – Craig Fynmore


Seed we Need by Frederick Beel


Snow Flake Vase – Nina Summers