Ros Haydon Life Member

When civilisations fade away, sculpture remains to give a window into the lives, culture and beliefs of a people. I believe that through sculpture we create a link, not constrained by language that is accessible to everyone to share and record our understanding of a society.

One of my passions is travelling and engaging with sculpture from different countries cultures both ancient and modern to develop understanding of these cultures and enhance my appreciation of sculpture and art. This has prompted my exploration of representing modern life and ideas as ancients did in preserving their cultural heritage.

Because sculpture is tangible and can integrate with the environment it enhances the community we live in and builds a bridge between the imagination and arts and the world of reality. It also is a bridge between the creative spirit and the harshness of the world of commercialism.

Art and sculpture are essential components of life as they train our eye, make us more analytical and observant of line, light, colour and shapes around us enhancing our understanding and interpretation of our environment. It enriches awareness and enable the viewer to see things that otherwise might have been lost and passed over.