Peter Steller Life Member

All my life I have had a love affair with the beauty of timber. I enjoy watching the sway and dance of the tree branches in the wind, the subtle patterns of shadow, and the form of each tree.

My creative challenge in using wood as a medium is to share the unique form and beauty of the tree and integrate the natural grains of the timber to elevate and enhance the sculpture.

Living most of life overlooking the ocean, it has become a source for many of my creations. However my studies and work for 35 years as a physiotherapist has given me a great appreciation of the human body but also an appreciation of form and movement that I try to impart into my sculptures and paintings.

My philosophy is that my art should aspire to not only capture an instant in time, but also the moments leading up to and after that instant. That it instils an emotion to enjoy and appreciate the moments that surround the event portrayed; that it transports you to feeling and living that moment!