Natalia Smith Member

A move to Brisbane at the end of 2016 took me not only to new places geographically but also opened up the world of sculpture.

In February, 2017 I felt clay, and watch my first face emerge. I was transported by the experience into the world I'm now immersed in. Currently I specialise in bronze portraiture. Working on private commissions, and a double series acknowledging amazing Australians; our Aussie Sporting Legends, and our Aussie Treasures. Sculpting is more rewarding than I could have imagined. I describe the process of sculpting similar to talking on your phone while going from A to B - and then being surprised by your own arrival. I believe I go somewhere, and only return when the face is there in front of me. I would enjoy owning a deep story of layers of artistic training, and years of skill development, but I don't. My story is of someone who stumbled across a little something within them. It makes me wonder how many others are there, like me, who have yet to stumble across their 'little something '.

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