Margaret Klucis Life Member

Margaret’s family name was Jeays and after marrying Elmars Klucis in 1963 she continued using Jeays as her artist name as they were both painting and she wanted to retain her identity. This has meant that her art work has been labelled in many ways over the years Jeays, M Klucis, MAK, MAJK, and more recently JEAYS-KLUCIS.

For Margaret and Elmar interest in art and music and participation in Life Drawing classes at the National Gallery of Victoria were early shared experiences. Their travel overland to Europe included visits to many art galleries and while living in London they joined painting workshops run by a Polish emigre artist.

On moving to Fort Collins, Colorado with no sculpture courses available Margaret began ceramic work with Patricia Losh. Margaret and a friend took over “The Potttery” when Patricia moved to California. When Elmars was posted to Oak Ridge Tennessee for his Post Doctoral research Margaret again sought the opportunity to continue with three dimensional work with a local ceramic group as well as doing a graphic art evening course.

Daughter Andrea, their first child was born in London in 1965 and Stefans, their son was born in Colorado in 1970. So her overseas life was also dominated with mothering and home making while Elmars was involved with research.

After his post doctoral year, return to Australia saw Elmars looking for research work but as there was little research funding available in Australia in his field of work, he returned to USA, while Margaret stayed and returned to teaching.

In her professional life Margaret has been a nurse, various office jobs, ballet dancer, kindergarten teacher, alternative education teacher, special education teacher and hospital Play Specialist. She returned to study at University of Queensland and graduated B.A. in 1985 in Anthropology and English Literature. A year was then spent living at Wat Buddha Dhamma, a Buddhist community near Sydney. Then a return to live in Melbourne while Elmar was at La Trobe University and Margaret at Royal Children’s Hospital as Senior Play Specialist.

Upon retirement, time was available to practice her art work and after seeing a Society of Sculptors exhibition and reacquainting with the Shillams she joined The Society and has exhibited with them since. She has attended many workshops and gained valuable knowledge from her fellow sculptors. Since 1994 she has been active in her enthusiasm for the society participating in working bees and exhibitions and as librarian.

Margaret works in a variety of mediums and while still painting and drawing, sculpture is her preferred art form. In her retirement she remains a seeker, painter, creator, environmentalist and sculptor.