Kris-Ann Ehrich Member

Kris-Ann Ehrich was born in north Queensland and now lives in Brisbane. Her journey as a sculptor began following a career in fashion and interior design, leaning on a passion for art formed in childhood.

In her sculpture she explores the limitless possibilities of the tactile third dimension embodied in this 'living' art form. Her creative journey traverses a landscape richly populated with figures drawn from the traditions of myth, magic and the intertwining realms of heaven, earth and the darker elements of the supernatural that inhabit and cloud the human heart. All are ciphers for the counterpoints of triumph and tragedy, beauty and vulnerability that define experience. She says of her work, 'These qualities inspire an unending quest to capture the vulnerability and fragility that underlie the riddle of our human paradox.'

Her studies began in 2004 under the tutelage of Brisbane sculptor Georgette Schwantes. Initially working in ceramic, she began casting in bronze in 2006—an exciting, challenging medium that has added richness, breadth, and expression to her oeuvre.

She honed her skills on classical themes and form, before moving into the more exacting sphere of figurative themes, sharpened with a keener socio-political edge. She's exhibited extensively throughout Queensland and her sculptures have also been displayed to acclaim elsewhere in Australia, including Canberra. Her work has been selected for inclusion in Contemporary Masters Volume VII and Important Artists of the World Volume 1.

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