Keith Michel Member

My favorite pastime before I discovered sculpting was collecting bits and pieces of timber and then deciding what piece of furniture I could create from that timber rarely working to a preconceived plan. I have been sculpting wood for about 12 months.

I live by the sea at at Agnes Water, and am fortunate to have my own driftwood beach collection at my front door. Finding a piece of timber that I can work with is nearly as exciting for me as creating something from it. Nearby rivers and creeks to the south produce an abundant supply during the wet season as the logs are washed down the rivers and use our particular section of the coastline to beach themselves.

Imagine rescuing a three metre log to discover it was Huon Pine all the way from Tassie, or a four metre trunk that turned out to be Cyprus which in all probability has come from a long way inland. Each piece has its own story which I am enjoying adding another chapter to.