Jan Williams Member

Jan Williams is Australian and lives and works in the Valley of the Lakes, North West of Brisbane. His work is figurative, abstract in varying degrees and full of a quiet joyfulness.

For more information, contact Jan at bloodwoodcreek@gmail.com

Williams worked in the Queensland Museum's exhibition construction workshop for 29 years as a technician-sculptor, working on many of their 3D scientific models. These ranged from models of fish lice to the life size Humpback whales there. He retired from the Queensland Museum in 2015.

Williams’ own sculpture has little in common with the museum's sculpture, except the polyester-fibreglass medium.

Over the last 30 years his work has focused on the human figure. It being the oldest subject matter for artists, dating back 35 - 38 000 years.

“l feel there is still room for reinterpretation. Since 2017, my work has been much more influenced by the Paleolithic Venus figures.”


"These are from a series l'm working on at the moment. I'm calling them the iron lady series for the time being, as they're all cast in an iron - polyester mix (about 50/50%) and soaked in salty water for a few days.
They are the result of researching Paleolithic to early Neolithic art in Europe after the highlight of visiting Paris in 2016 and seeing the Venus of Lespugue there."