Erica Neate Member

Erica Neate creates sculptures in cement, plaster, cloth, or paper-mache, as well as enjoying lino block printmaking and photography.

Her ‘Earth Songs for Peace & Harmony” art activity marquee is popular at community-based events (such as annual Mary River Festival) and at environmental forums (such as Sustainable Schools Symposiums).

Her artwork “Visionaries” was installed in Benarkin Park after being the winning entry in the 2011 All Trails Lead to Blackbutt art competition. “Visionaries” symbolises those who dream of a future others cannot yet imagine.


  1. To translate spiritual perceptions into artworks that engage with the inner being of the observer.
  2. To provoke deeper explorations of the universal values which sustain and uplift human society.
  3. To raise awareness of the natural environment through vibrant artworks and site-specific ephemeral installations.

0417 088 366

‘Haven’ at Dundowran Beach Hervey Bay Qld 4655